Brause Musik: Manu Louis

 18.08.2018 – 20:00 


Manu Louis is a prolific composer and performer of experimental chanson, influenced equally by pop, jazz, electronic and 20th Century classical music. In 2016 alone, he brought his energetic and unpredictable one-man show to over 100 venues and festivals, spanning 22 countries throughout Europe and Asia (including Contra Pop Fest., Pod’Ring, Gaume Jazz Fest., Botanique, Berghain Kantine and Fusion Festival). Following his work for the 30-piece Orchestra Vivo and for string ensemble O.C.L., Manu has released a hyper-eclectic album about the fairground: Kermesse Machine (Igloo rec.).

Einlass: 20:00h
Konzertbeginn: 20:30h
Eintritt: Ein Lächeln 🙂


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