Brause Musik: Sam Chalcraft & Jonathan Pinto

 06.05.2018 – 20:00   

Disarming folk-punk artist Sam Chalcraft, lands in Düsseldorf on a spring tour off the back of an extremely successful first year as a solo musician. Originally from Cornwall, England, the southerner is now based out of Vienna. The end of 2016 signalled a change in direction to finally pursue a career in music, which prompted a move to Austria’s capital. From busking, to more busking, bars, clubs, large venues and festivals, 2017 saw him play an abundance of shows; even sharing a stage with the likes of Mad Caddies, Joey Cape (Lagwagon), and Christian Holden (The Hotelier), to name a few.

Armed and fuelled by a self-proclaimed necessity to think politics (not just indigenous of the times), plus relatable personal circumstances, this singer-songwriter will have you singing along to both thought provoking melodies and heart-warming texts. Expect big catchy choruses, fuelled by lyrics and melody steeped in honest sentiment.

Support comes from Jonathan Pinto:

Coming from cold Gothenburg, Sweden a troubadour based in Vienna for the last three years, playing random bars here and there as well as frequenting the streets of Mariahilferstrasse armed with a harmonica, playing for kids and homeless people.

An acoustic mixture of folk/country/punk/indie together with some catchy pop melodies to be expected with lots of emphasis on lyrics in the themes of longing, indifference and dystopia, as well as some other stuff that comes with being a human.

Einlass: 20:00h
Konzertbeginn: 20:30h
Eintritt: Ein Lächeln 🙂

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